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I’m sharing the quick and easy Tamarind fish curry recipe  I’ve adapted over the years.

Spicy (as you want it) Tamarind Fish Curry

This is my go to dish for any occasion that calls for authentic South Indian food. Believe it or not, the bowls to the right are the ‘before’ and all you need to whip up this scrumptious meal (including rice and fried lentil appetizer). The one below is the ‘after’ photo.

This post is  part of the Eid community blog hop created by Pavarti Tyler over at Fighting Monkey Press.



Eid in Arabic means holiday or festival, and at the end of Ramadan (which is this weekend) there’s Eid al Fitr. A great big celebration to end the month of fasting with visits to relatives, trips abroad, and of course food!

There are three days of posts and lots of free prizes, so be sure to stop by and see what others are posting.


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