From illegal to legal

There have been lots of ups and downs the past 30 days of my life and not just associated with the self-inflicted lack of purchasing power. What the roller coaster of emotions has taught me is that in my core I am much weaker than the previous experiences of my life would lead me to believe.

Seeing me around the city driving, you’d never know that behind my big-frame sunglasses, I am weeping on a daily basis.

The happy news is that while this morning there was someone telling me I was illegal in some eyes, this evening I find that I am officially documented.

Note to my weary soul: the ups and downs in a day are best dealt with when leveled.

What are your coping strategies? How you deal with stress if not retail therapy, actual therapy, or an endorphin boost from exercise?

This too, as they say in the Bible, shall pass. But not without a lot of elbow grease.

Good things

It has been a long time since I’ve written, mainly because starting a new job is often challenging but starting a new job in Qatar is like jumping on a runaway train. My head has been spinning for some time and I’m dismayed to find that writing, the activity I always credit with giving my soul air to breathe, has fallen under the rails.

But I renew my vow to myself and to my craft to cultivate moments to write even if I have to snatch them from the jaws of nine hour work days and weekendless work weeks.

The good news is that all of the associated new events which are required with a new job have found me in the back of my closet, digging out those treasures which have never seen the light of day. No kidding, they have all received rave reviews.

So my pledge to wear everything I own continues.

And I’m delighted to find that I actually enjoy my wardrobe more.

Is there a metaphor for life somewhere in here?

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