How to Rock Being a University Student

Photo by Kevin Dooley
Photo by Kevin Dooley

August means the first day of university for many students, at least in North America. You could be attending for the first time, starting your senior year, or coming back as a non-traditional student.

The rules for success are the same: show up. That’s right – Woody Allen is credited with the saying “80% of life is about showing up.”

That means be on time to class; turn in your assignments when they’re due; come to your professors’ office hours with questions.

That is what it takes to be successful as a student. Show up, again and again, do the work, engage in class. You think I’m down playing it but trust me.

This advice comes to you after teaching and working for 14 years on at 9 different university campuses.

The hardest lessons in life are deceptively simple.

What advice do you have for university students? Or what do you wish you had known on your first week?

Wordless Wednesday: The Smile of a Graduate


PhD graduation 2009

June is the month of the graduate. From high school to university, you make the leap or celebrate loved ones crossing the finishing line.

Now that I’m a faculty member, I get to feel the pride of graduations from another perspective: that of the person helping to prepare the student for the real world.

Here are some images of my graduations over the last 12 years. First from undergrad and then later with my PhD. In each one I can’t tell if I’m proud or relieved! What were the emotions you had at graduation?

Undergraduate graduation 2000
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