No-Nonsense Writing Prompts

Bambi Chicque of BamPu Legacies

Last week I was at the Alif Institute and Old Tampa Bookstore, urging people to write as quickly as they could in 15 minutes to respond to three different writing prompts.

We retold the original version of Rapunzel, Italian, called Petrosinella, or parsley. Before Disney brushed up the story,  in which a mother was hungry for lettuce, rampion, for which the witch demanded a baby as the price.

Rewrite a scene from a fairytale from the villain’s point of view

A few of the participants shared the material they wrote.

Untitled by Claudia
It’s not fair. She disobeyed and I paid.
Under a hood, her curiosity brewed.
Don’t they know? Wolves are misunderstood.
In a pool of red, my body was laid,
a sacrificed lamb.

The Villain by Melissa Jennings
I watched as my rampions were stolen time after time,
Priding myself for my calm; sifting through potential payments owed.
I practiced negotiating, imagining myself a savior
Nurturing and youthful; I should mother the child.

Untitled by Becky Tombleson
I was created especially for this.
I am an ultimate envy.
My maiden’s fairest.
Strength begets weakness begets ultimate strength.
 There were two other activities we did.
Write about Your Name
This prompt was in response to the essay “I am Muhanna” in From Dunes to Dior in which I explore the many ways my own name has shaped my identity.

List 10 potential book, blog or song titles you would like to write
I used the description and naming of The Migrant Report for a little inspiration.

Try these three exercises and send me your samples.