Wordless Wednesday: Inspire Me

A few weeks ago I had a call from a friend’s brother, a person I have known since he was twelve.

“Would you be on this talk show we’re organizing?” He asked me, as a sophomore student at university in the same building where I teach. (Talk about feeling your age!)

“I always like to support students,” I said, not knowing the ambitions of their Dreamers Club.

They organized a full scale talk show with six speakers who each had an inspiring life story.

I was the writer in the lineup and dished up as much creative advice as I could.

My husband assures me I’m bad at math and much closer to the million word mark than I know. I can tell you I get better with every story I tell.

Wordless Wednesday: “Look how you look when you’re looking at me.”

Innovative public service ad campaign by Whistling Woods International to challenge the habit of leering at women in India.
The scenes bring up the age old question: do we have a right to stare at a woman because of how she is dressed?

With over 2 million views, their message is a conversation starter.


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Wordless Wednesday: Laughing with an Accent

I wanted to take a break from writing but I was still interested in telling stories. And the place where I live, Doha, Qatar, is a constant source of inspiration for experimentation.

Is humor universal? Can comics in the Middle East be funny—considering the censorship and social taboos?

These are the questions I explore in my first  short documentary, Laughing with an Accent, about the Qatar based group, Stand Up Comedy Qatar or SUCQ, as they refer to themselves.

Check out the trailer below and subscribe to my YouTube channel to be the first to know about the film…



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