Leftovers for #sundaysupper

As a vegetarian, I look forward to Thanksgiving because there are so many yummy vegetables. Carnivores call these “side dishes.”

I made them my main course by stuffing vegetables into each other in a herbivore friendly version of the turduken (chicken inside a duck inside a turkey). You know I love a convenient substitute and walnuts were my answer to pine nuts in veggie mash that fills the nested gourds.

The Vegduken was a hit! Note: I had this roasting for about 2 hours. The eggplant and zucchini were delicious – the squash could have used another 30 minutes if you want to eat the outer layer as well. We were happy to use it as serving dish for the other yummy goodness.

I’m considering doing a second version of these where I mash up all the leftovers: stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, etc and put it inside a hollowed out veggie to bake.

Did you try or taste any new recipes this weekend?

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