9780615916835When newlywed, Abdulla loses his wife and unborn child in a car accident, the world seems to crumble beneath his feet. Thrust back to living in the family compound, he goes through the motions–work, eat, sleep, repeat–blaming himself for their deaths. He’s determined to never marry again, but he also knows that is not a culturally acceptable option.

Three years later, he’s faced with an arranged marriage… 

Longing for independence, Hind insists on being allowed to complete a master’s degree in England before marrying a cousin she hasn’t seen in years… a condition she’s surprised to find Abdulla readily accepts. When she finds an unlikely friend in Indian-American, Sangita, she starts down a path that will ultimately place her future in jeopardy.
Will Abdulla and Hind be stuck in a loveless marriage? Enter your information below to get a copy of “Love Comes Later” to find out.




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