Qatar Narratives: Women Write

Project Manager

Qatar Narratives is an anthology of personal essays written by female residents and citizens of Qatar on a wide range of topics including: modernization, culture, family life, and social change. Essays are opinion pieces, memoir, description or any narrative that explores topics of current interest to women living in Qatar. The publication features 26 winning essays from an essay contest which was held in Doha from January 29 – Feb 12, 2008, judged by Carol Henderson and Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar.

Doha Writers Workshop, Founder

Writing Community in Qatar

For nearly two years, Mohana has organized activities for this group of teachers, students, and professionals living in the Qatar who are all interested in writing, reading, and the act of creating narratives with words. The diverse multiethnic and multigenric interests make for more interesting reading and discussions.

The DDW meets twice a month to workshop manuscripts, write spontaneously, and plan writing centered activities for the Doha community. More information on events and workshops at


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