I went to school with a lot of black people….

Believe it or not, the title of this piece is an actual quote of a woman during a recent NPR story when questioned about her leanings for the 08 vote. This gem came out while she denied that she was "racist or whatever you want to call it." Clearly, as you’ll see in a moment, she couldn’t use the infamous refrain, "some of my best friends are…." because she doesn’t know any. We can assume the last black person she knew was someone she went to high school with. Scary but true of the racial divide in modern society.

Later on in the interview this woman mentioned she  is opposed to John McCain but may not cast a vote in this election because "until he [Obama] was nominated for president, I didn’t really think about it [having a black president]. She’s worried that he [Obama] "would only think about his people".

Revealing, shocking, honest, scary commentary from your average American citizen.

Are the majority scared? Do they sniff change in the air?

The world holds its breath…

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  1. Anonymous

    I went to school…

    I would hope every American would make the effort of reading Obama’s book- Dreams from my father.It is one of the most innocent and authentic sounding autobio- I have read in years.
    Poor chap! what would he be referring to when asked about “his people”. With a lily-white mom and grandparents. Having been brought up partly by an Indonesian step dad. Had an absolute black father from Kenya.
    So Obama “what exactly is YOUR people?”.

    I cannot make a judgement on who I think “she” should vote or why “she” had not thought of a black president before…I would just implore her to open her mind to…”there is more to life than the skin color dearest…” and the sooner all of us learn it…
    I’m an African…so my response to her would forever come out biased and I would probably sound exactly like her right?

    • Mohanalakshmi

      Re: I went to school…

      It’s true we all have our own biases, even in the age of political correctness.

      The real issue in this election seems to be the average person’s willingness to deal with the changing world and adjust accordingly. As you say, have an open mind.

      The prosperity most Americans have enjoyed is a bubble that has rudely and dramatically burst on the international stage, forcing the issue home when most are not ready to grapple with a sliding economy, dismal foreign policy, and damaged international reputation.

      The ability to adapt is going to be what determines America’s course in the future. I hope you’re right and there are more of the kind of people you suggest. Otherwise everyone is in for an even ruder awakening!

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