Tempted by Special Events

Nothing can make you head to the store like a special event; shoes, bags, a new suit, all of these things are tempting when you have a big event where you know you’ll be photographed. Okay, so the second end of that sentence had a Hollywood starlet overtone to it -"I’ll never wear that again because I was photographed in it." But the reality is that even if you are far, far away from the red carpet,  when there is press around – as there will be during the release event of the second Qatar Narratives book tonight – you’ve got to consider these things, even if it isn’t for the cover of PEOPLE magazine.

The good news is, I survived this challenge. I didn’t use tonight as an excuse to buy something new, but rather take something out from the closet that has never been worn. It might be a little tight around the places that have expanded since it was purchased, but that’s okay. It’s mine, and in wearing it, I’m a step closer to making it through my entire closet.

Another obstacle avoided – for now.


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