Wordless Wednesday: Nanny Diaries, Doha Edition with Imelda

My fourth installment in the series of interviews that let’s domestic workers in Qatar tell their stories. I imagined the emotions, aspirations, and motivations of these women in my novel The Dohmestics. But in this case, real life beats fiction.

The more I hear about these women and their willingness to sacrifice years of their lives for their children, extended family and friends, the more humbled I am.

We both qualify in the category of expats. And yet their lives are so different from the considerations of mine.

What would you do for your family’s future?


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  1. Suz

    These women are so similiar to my grandmother – who worked as a domestic and only went back to the village at weekends; to my mother – who moved us from the Caribbean to the UK for better educational opportunities; and me – who moved here to Qatar so that I could have more time between end of work and bedtime with my husband and son
    But also so different as they come without their families for their families

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