Wanted: Title for eBook "Boxed" Set

The Clan of the Cave Bear box set in my living room

If you like to read books and you have a favorite author, chances are high that you have a shelf somewhere with a row of his/her works. They may even have come in a box; likely their covers and spines match.

There’s a digital version of this phenomena as well which is an eBook bundle or boxed set. Same concept: similar work by an author in one collection. I’m venturing into this territory this holiday season for those readers who may want to read my 3 books set in Qatar without having to download (or pay) for them 3 separate times.

Many of you have read the “Qatar” books which comprise 2 novels and 1 memoir: Love Comes Later, From Dunes to Dior, and The Dohmestics.

They’re not a series but three books set in the same place, Doha, and dealing with similar themes of identity, change, and culture.

I’m working on a title that will capture their variety but let readers know their common themes.

Which of these possible titles makes you most likely to click on or download a sample?
Share your preference by taking the poll or suggesting a title for the project. Sign up for my newsletter for a chance to enter to win the eBook boxed set on release day.

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