What to do with Disappointment

"Ghanaian Disappointment" by  Ben Sutherland
“Ghanaian Disappointment” by Ben Sutherland

In our shiny, bright worlds, we forget that life doesn’t always go “as it should.” People have their own agendas and these can clash with your personal or professional happiness.

I had a moment last week that snowballed until it knocked me off my feet. In an area of the perfect Facebook timelines, I struggled to maintain my composure.”How are you?” A mother asked me in the middle of nursery pickup.”I’ve been better, but I’ve been worse,” I replied.”Oh, you’re sick?””No,” I said. She blinked, stuttered an apology and then moved away, to someone sunnier.This became my litany all week long. I’ve been better but I’ve been worse. Being transparent takes effort and heart. A friend knew I was upset and wanted to talk about what happened. The extrovert I had been five years ago would have babbled everything.Instead, I licked my wounds with self-care: sleep. I napped, went to bed early and if I felt like crying, though stuck in traffic, I did (with my sunglasses on).Disappointment is as much a part of life as the peaks. In the valley, you learn to appreciate the sunshine.The next time you are brought face to face with a reminder that life is not fair, don’t resist. Embrace it. Then the sting may not be as sharp the next time.What are your disappointment strategies?

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