Podcasts that Will Motivate You to Get in the Car

serial1Traffic is a routine part of city living – unless you are lucky enough to be in a metropolis that has excellent public transportation. While Qatar has aspirations for a subway system, we aren’t there yet.

I drive often and for long stretches everyday: dropping off the children, picking up the children, taking myself to work, taking myself to home, ferrying to swim, gymnastics, or tennis class. On average, I spend more time in the car than anywhere else, including my bed or office. In the middle of reading any book set in the Middle East with a detective, as research for my own crime thriller, I found another source of inspiration.

Cue the Serial podcast in which reporters explore the conviction of a seventeen year old for the murder of his ex-girlfriend. In three days, I listened to 12 episodes. I was so hooked on this unique style of storytelling I muted an exercise tape and walked three miles yesterday without blinking. Then I found the Serial Spoiler podcast in which contributors from Slate.com and their invited guests ruminate on each episode.

There are a few others I’m checking out as well, like the Spanish CoffeeBreak. My old standby, audiobooks are at the ready as well. When I’m tired of people talking at me, I switch to the free music available via Amazon.com Prime. The workout remixes will help you get through any traffic snarl.

Driving in the car has never been more fun. Do you listen to podcasts? Where?

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