How to Shake Your Election2016 Hangover #wethepeople

Wonder Con 2009
Wonder Con 2009

Many of us wondered what would happen on November 9th. Maybe you were part of a group gathered together to celebrate when its candidate won.

Maybe your candidate did win.

Five days later, I am reeling, not from the election results – that was a difficult moment – afterall people voted. No, what I am dealing with, on an hourly basis, is the aftermath, on social media. We attack each other. The election hangover is a contagion of contempt, indignation, and insults.

Facebook posts.

I don’t have to tell you the spectrum. You’re reading it. Instead, I want to suggest an alternative.


Post a photo with someone from the ‘other’ side.

If you’re a Democrat, find a Republican.

If you voted for Hillary, find someone who didn’t.

If you’re a man, find a woman (don’t grab her by any of her body parts).

If you’re white find someone who isn’t.

If you’re straight, find someone who is gay.

[And vice versa.]

Pose with someone who is different from you in any way. Maybe every way.

Doesn’t have to be a selfie.

You don’t even have to smile.

Caption it with a Humans of New York style interview.

Don’t write a word besides the hashtag.

However you want to do it, find someone different from you and take a photo. Post with the hashtag #wethepeople and tag up to 3 people to do the same. Invite your friends to flood our timelines with reminders of who we are. A nation of misfits who are learning about living in a democracy. And who are committed to doing so together.

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. All 3.

Challenge 3 friends to also post. If they haven’t done so within 24 hours, they agree to donate their time or money ($50) to a civil society organization of their choice: the American Civil Liberties Union, Southern Poverty Law Center, Sierra Club, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Planned Parenthood, etc.

If you’re sick of the way we are tearing apart our country, let’s figure out a way to change the conversation from one of blame and fear to one of solidarity. Let’s stand up for each other and our republic.


We have to say it. Because others won’t.


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