Wordless Wednesday: Realize Stability is Not News

After three years of writing, revising and editing, this week, I’m launching my essay collection about life in the Middle East, From Dunes to Dior.

I started it after moving here, and listening to person after person in the U.S. ask me where, what, why, about my decision to move here. Mostly I think it had to do with the fact that the images they saw of this region were either the Uzi toting civilian or the woman draped in black, not allowed to drive. I could — and depending on my mood over the years in conversation — have pointed out many things about the framing of the western media of “the other” or even how a violent group of media savvy men has hijacked (to use a metaphor) a religious identity. Wordless Wednesday means I don’t have to. This is Qatar’s corniche.

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