Wordless Wednesday: Desert Reading in Snow Country


Love Comes Later is about people finding love in the desert state of Qatar made it all the way into the hands of reader, reviewer, and bookworm extraordinaire, Kriss Morton, aka the Cabin Goddess, in snowy Alaska. She won the photo contest that was part of the Novel Publicity Whirlwind Tour for the novel. Here’s more about this reader/reviewer who impressed me with her unique setting.

Kriss currently lives in a small cabin on the outskirts of Fairbanks, AK with a wonderful man and an overbearing cat. Her main focus of writing is a collection of poetry which has been published in Two different Literary Journals including an Sigma Tau Delta Honor’s Society Collection. Her first open publishing that is not related to acedemia or her blogging content is a whimsical tale of fun based in  Alaska and is full of mystical creatures and delight. Currently she is working on a cookbook, a post-catalyst somewhat alternate reality novel which is still under-wraps and continues to write poetry daily. Be it humor, poems, tales of wanderlust, her heart is pure Alaskan and her pocket is always full of snowflakes.

And here’s where you can find this Cabin Goddess online:

WRITING BLOG – http://alaskanmamma.com
Deviant Art (photography and more) http://cabin-goddess.deviantart.com/?rnrd=24443







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