Monday Mindfulness: Pushing Past Revision Blues

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You think the more you do something, the better you get at it. On average, my books have at least 13 revisions (many of them many more). Since I’ve written, edited, and revised so many in the last few years, you’d think revision came naturally to me. Sadly this is not the case.

Yesterday afternoon I tried to squeeze in a bit of time in between after toddler’s swim class and before exhibit opening to add a few missing pieces to the next in line for paperback release, The Dohmestics. They say you should never go to the grocery store hungry.

Don’t revise with jet lag either.

I got into the manuscript, started tweaking and realized the shifts I needed to make were of a much larger scale than I would have otherwise anticipated.

Later in the evening, when the house was asleep, I opened another manuscript, The Opposite of Hate, which is next in line for digital release. There were several pages of notes from the developmental editor as well as 200+ comments. A few characters needed tweaking; a major theme or three needed sharpening.

Not any easier.

I’m eating lunch  now, contemplating a foot massage, to avoid tackling either of these projects with a (self-imposed) June release date.

How do you stay motivated with a task? Whether running a marathon or editing a book, diligence is of essence.

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  1. Claudia Moss


    Hola, Moha! I love your post and site. So inviting and I can definitely relate, even when there isn’t much on my calendar that is pressing.

    To address your question, I focus on the revision project at hand. I visualize myself finishing it. Actually see myself with the completed project, name on the cover or me standing behind the podium. Each day, I make time to feel what that accomplishment feels like down to the smile that brightens my Spirit, just caressing the thought. Then without pressing my thumb to the contraption, magically, it happens. I am happily seated before this Dell enjoying the revision session, seeing the changes contribute to the enhancement of the manuscript. I marvel at the gaps filling in themselves. Yet for all of the above to happen, I relax. Trust. And it happens.

    I’ve been feeling this topic for some time now. Feeling it and watching it unfold, like flower petals in the sun. It’s indeed exciting.

    I LOVE SEEING ALL OF YOUR BOOKS ON THE RIGHT HERE! Even tipped down to the bottom of the page to read the tiny print to learn who powers your site. I’ve got to face lift my blog to include my books as well. Anyway, thanks for the visual reminder.

    Enjoy your day! I’m going traipsing through your books so that I might determine where I shall begin.

    • Mohana

      Thanks for stopping in. You’re right that the final project is great motivation. I’ve got a deadline for the end of next week to bump this on to the proof reader.

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