Wordless Wednesday: A Cover for Laos

You may be familiar with the landlocked southeast Asian country often mistaken for Cambodia. Experience tells me you are not.

I married a man who everyone assumes is Chinese because of the epicanthic folds of his eyelids. I didn’t know Laos was a country until I heard my husband explain over and over again that no, Laos was not another name for Cambodia. Yet during the 1960s and 70s, more bombs were dropped on this landlocked part of Southeast Asia than in any other war. The turbulent history of the Land of a Thousand Elephants is the backdrop for my first historical novel. The Opposite of Hate opens a window onto a forgotten corner of Southeast Asia and brings little known history to life through vivid characters and settings.

cover_theoppositeofhate(1)Here’s one option for the cover. As hard as it was to write to this book, finding an attractive image is more difficult.

Check out all the options for the book.

Vote on the one you like best here to help me decide.
Wish me luck as I respond to over 200 editorial comments in the next revision cycle.

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