Sunday Supper: Soup's On – Asian Style

While the rest of the world enjoys the beginnings of autumn, we in the desert celebrate temperatures in the mid 80s. Cool enough for me to bring out the soup pot. This is an easy use-what-you’ve-got soup recipe I adapted from One Perfect Bite’s Asian Style Soup.

I was inspired by dehydrated mushrooms I spied in the grocery store; essentially to cook with them you rehydrate by immersing in boiling water. I threw in eggs, shrimp, edamame, celery, and sprouts, sauteing in Siraracha, ginger, garlic, salt, pepper, and soy sauce.

When you’re ready, pour in broth (I used ready made veggie broth cubes). Hope your table is set because this goes straight from pot to table!


Make your own Asian soup night! I was inspired by a bag of dehydrated mushrooms in the grocery store. #nomnomnom #homemade #instafood #instagood #Octoberunprocessed #weekdaymeals

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