Beginner's Guide to Veggin' It

cookbookThe best way to keep a New Year’s resolution from becoming an object of dread is to take small steps to follow through. I was on the phone with a friend while at the grocery store this morning. She said her resolution was to try making one new dish a week. Several years ago, I had a similar goal, which was to get into the kitchen once a week. I jumped into a supper club which included rotating meals with friends on a monthly basis. We outgrew the supper club and founded a Cooks’ Club where friends who were interested in cooking got together once a month and shared dishes to compose a meal with a theme chosen by the host.

2014 found me in the kitchen regularly because of a decision to eat fish or veggies instead of meat.

All this to say, I’ve been cooking. And a lot. I’m Veggin’ It is the culmination of several years of cooking. 8 recipes in four categories: Soups, Salad, Substance, and Sweets.

This is not one of those cooking tomes, listing ingredients you’ve may not find in the grocery store. This is a book for the everyday cook. I’ve got tons of suggestions of how to modify recipes by making them gluten free or tailor to you taste buds.

Try one, try them all: practice, repeat. May the new year find you with loved ones at your table!

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