Vegan Banana Muffins for #sundaysupper

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Our younger one’s birthday was last week. Last year before we didn’t send in treats to his nursery (unlike most of the doting parents). Having gotten used to an older child with a summer birthday, mid-April wasn’t on my radar.

This year, I had a 30 minute window at 9:00 a.m. during which I could organize something. That early in the morning, I didn’t want to send in cake (though I certainly wouldn’t mind eating some myself).

I also had a stockpile of frozen ripe bananas for that ‘one day’ when I would have enough time and motivation to make banana bread.

Well, these banana muffins, made with ripe banana and coconut milk were worth the wait. I first had them at a friend’s house after our weekly hour of exercise. They weren’t overpoweringly banana and I couldn’t believe how delicious they were (there is a lot of sugar, of both kinds, white and brown, so you might want to play around with the portions). The kids devoured them. I added a bit of cream cheese icing as garnish but many of them turned the muffin over to eat it bottom side up!

Use regular milk and it bakes the same way. So delicious, you’ll be searching for spots on your bananas.

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