When It's Time to Go Home: Episode 5, Expat Dilemmas

expatdilemma-1400pxFor every arrival story, there’s an equally complicated process in deciding when to leave. This month we take a look at the many factors that expats consider before committing to their onward journey.

Tune in to Episode 5: When it’s Time to Go Home.

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Episode 4: Third Culture Kids

expatdilemmaChildhood is traditionally filled with summers playing with cousins, and holidays being spoiled by grandparents. For expat parents, however, raising children away from home is a trade off.

Tune in this month to learn about the benefits and challenges of growing up in another country.

We are raising two multicultural children overseas so this topic is near and dear to my heart!

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Expat Dilemmas Episode 3: Making New Traditions

expatdilemmaWe are two weeks into the new year and hopefully you have plenty of great memories from the holiday season. In episode 3 of Expat Dilemmas, you’ll hear how expats cherish their family traditions and learn to make new ones.

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