Most companies that hire expats and most global mobility professionals know that expatriation failure is very expensive. Expats who return home early cause their companies not only a great deal of headaches but also a significant loss in revenue. The early returns are almost always the result of difficulties in cultural adjustment for either the expat or the accompanying family. So why risk an early return

The online Living and Working in Qatar” course can help you prevent early returns of your expatriates in two ways:

  • by offering your potential expatriates a self-assessment program during which they can identify if moving to Qatar will work for them and their families
  • by providing your newly hired expats with the information they need to understand the Qatari culture and to teaching them the skills to adjust to their new environment

The “Living and Working in Qatar” course is accessible online 24/7 and offers participants:

  • An overview of the national culture (including the do’s and don’ts, the national proverbs, the etiquette, etc)
  • An insight into the corporate culture
  • A Culture Mastery 4 C’s Process™ module that helps (a) identify gaps between their way of thinking and Qatari’s way of thinking; and (b) learn skills of cultural intelligence, cultural adjustment, and cultural negotiation.
  • Corniche, Doha, Qatar by Larry Johnson


The “Living and Working in Qatar” course consists of eight chapters of information, a video file, and an audio podcast:

  1. Chapter 1:  Managing Culture Shock
    A unique approach to handling Culture Shock in any situation.  Three handy tools to carry with you whenever you move and change cultures.
  2. Chapter 2 (Video): Qatari National Culture
    A video-presentation featuring photos from all over Qatar, accompanied by a recording that will tell you about the National Culture of Qatar.
  3. Chapter 3: Qatari proverbs
    Country’s proverbs can tell a lot about the country.  This chapter contains proverbs that will help you understand Qatar.
  4. Chapter 4: Qatari Corporate Culture
    Doing business in Qatar?  Managing staff?  If you are going to work in Qatar, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with what may be different to your country’s corporate culture.
  5. Chapter 5: Culture Mastery — Your Cultural Blueprint
    Learn about your own cultural preferences.  How do you compare to the Qatari within the eleven cultural variables?
  6. Chapter 6: The Qatari Cultural Blueprint
    Learn about the Qatari cultural variables.  How wide is the gap between you and them?
  7. Chapter 7: Culture Mastery — Adjusting Your Cultural Habits
    Manage the gap you discovered in the previous chapter.  Use the variety of coaching and training exercises to close the gap and, thus, become more effective in Qatar.
  8. Chapter 8: Culture Mastery — Cultural Negotiation and Alliances
    Excellent tools for those gaps that are not so easy to close.



If you are considering a purchase of this course for a few people in your company, a complimentary preview login is available. Please contact us to request your login.


The fee for an individual participant is $199 USD.  We offer company packages and can design an individual package for you based on your needs.



The course materials are stored on a server for you to access and learn whenever you want.  There is no expiration date, no class to be late for, and no time zones to negotiate.  Just log in and study.



If you are a coach, a trainer, and/or a consultant, and you’d like to use this course with your clients, you are welcome to purchase a license ($329 USD) to use it for 10 years with no additional royalties.  Please contact us here to learn more about the license.



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