A word about goals, age, and lists


Sometime when I was sixteen, or twenty, or somewhere in there – those years are all so hazy – I made a “Do Before Turning Thirty” list for myself. It included things such as: finish Ph.D., get an agent, travel to Israel. My rationale for this? I’ve no idea. I think it was the result of my mental musings; no order of importance, no particular reason, just a summation of the things I wanted to do, sort of like what you want to get the next time you are at the grocery store. Different from shopping for a particular meal or event, but similar to being on the lookout for a spectacular dress, because, well, you just can’t have too many of those, can you?

            This September I came a year closer to my deadline and I was nervous. I was close to crossing off a few of the must do; I’ve been a doctoral candidate for a few years now and keep sending revision to my dissertation committee. Also, written in invisible ink, I’ve found the person who will support me throughout my life, whether they are goals for thirty, forty, or one hundred. Why was I secretive about putting “get married” on the list? A combination of despair (no one is out there), defiance (if no one is out there, I’d rather be dead than disappointed looking for him), and disapproval (there is no one because I’m a special case). Lucky for me: none of these were true. And even luckier, he did want to help me get to my “Thirty” list. Which is why when we went on safari earlier this month, check. Another one down.

            There are still three to go (again no particular order):

1.      Visit Israel and the Palestinian Territories

2.      Finish my Ph.D.

3.      Publish a novel


Yes, it’s going to be a busy year!


Do you have goals, reader? 
If not, I encourage you start dreaming and set some. To employ a cheesy (but nonetheless truthful true cliché) – if you aim for nothing, that’s what you’ll get.

If you have some (either age related or otherwise): share?