Summer Blues

I prefer the summer holiday over the winter break. Maybe because in December in North America, everyone is in the frenzy of Christmas shopping or scrambling to make New Year’s Eve plans, too distracted to spend time with the very loved ones they are stressed over pleasing in gift exchanges or at parties.SummerofLoveBlogHop

Or perhaps it’s because I like the warmer weather (though I prefer turtlenecks to tank tops).

Which do you prefer?

I felt the stirrings of sadness, watching yellow leaves falling from trees in Virginia, the first hints of autumn.

For now, however, summer still lingers in the air. If you’re in need of a good read in the last days, check out the Summer of Love blog hop.

Visit the other blogs to see what they’re giving away and enter to win tons of different prizes!

Sign up below in the comments section, sharing your favorite season and why, for a chance to win the award winning Love Comes Later.




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Reader Comments

  1. Donna D

    I like warmer weather so the late spring and summer are really my favorite times. Fall also generally has some warmer weather and also has some lovely colors.

    I like turtlenecks, not the sweater-y ones, but light weight ones. Even in summer, I carry a sweater, or light coat, and often have it on — buildings and restaurants are too cold with their A/C! Even at home, I cover up with a light blanket when I’m setting down as my hubby likes the A/C – and I have it set at 75!
    Cold hurts, and warm /hot makes me feel much better.


  2. Eva Millien

    I really don’t like summer much, Too hot and too much sun. I prefer the winter, here there isn’t much fall or spring it’s all usually too hot. Thanks for sharing the hop and the giveaway. evamillien at gmail dot com

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