One last test before Easter

 Or a few, I suppose.

On Friday I was shoe shopping and the woman who was managing the store had her children in the store with her. The kids were running up and down the aisles (as they could have been doing in a park if their mother wasn’t trying to make ends meet working even on Good Friday when their schools had sent them home) and instead of getting angry, I asked them their opinions on my shoe selection. The girl was full of shy pleasure and said “good” at the first pair of black pumps I tried on. In addition to being a fast runner, she had good taste.

Then on Saturday, on my way to Memphis, TN, I had an unexpectedly flight delay. The flight delay cost me several hours with my neices (who had been jumping up and down at home, each with their own plans of how to spend the weekend) and several hundred dollars to get on a earlier flight than the one the airline would provide for me. At 5:30, a few minutes after I was supposed to depart, instead of rage, I felt – confused? I had no one to get mad at and so instead I called a few friends to commiserate about domestic airlines, and then read a few chapters in my book, sent a few work emails, and in general got on with the business of waiting. Thankfully, for both myself and my neices, there was a flight at 7:50 p.m. so the delay was only three hours instead of six.

So on Easter eve, here’s to a clean heart and mind, rage free, that can cope with life’s tumults. 

(Of course I called the airline service number and tried to work it out with them, but we all can guess how that went. But still I didn’t lose the cool….)

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