Unmoored from the rest of the world

Have you ever felt totally at sea? Wandering as though the life that everyone else was leading was running parallel to but never directly into your own?

Tell me how you coped.

This must be the feeling new mothers have.

But I have no child.

This must be the feeling the unemployed dread.

But I have a job.

This utter isolation is so contrary to my hyper-extroverted personality, it must be divine discipline.

For what?

To hear that inner creative voice that’s normally screaming as I go careening through the days, weeks, months, years of my life without giving voice to that which I really want to do. Write.

This is divine isolation.

My mind resists it.

My heart fears it.

But my fingers will tell the story they started.

I hope I have the courage to stay the course.

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