Sunday Supper: Meatless, Unstuffed Cabbage

You won’t believe how easy this dish is! Instead of cooking the insides, rolling them up in leaves, and baking, you can stir fry all the ingredients, adding them one at a time, until viola! you have a pan full of yummy goodness.

I substituted ground beef with ready made veggie meatballs which I had stacks of in the freezer and no real plan on how to use. Once you roast your ‘meat’, then you can add the rest of the ingredients, one at time, until tender. So yummy, even the herbivores in my circle chowed down.



Unstuffed cabbage! Instead of ground beef, meatless meatballs crumbled as substitute. #nomnomnom #homemade #veggie #vegan #instafood #instagood

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  1. Small Footprints

    Oh yum! This looks delicious and so much easier than the traditional version. With most of the meat substitutes “out there”, I’ve found that they don’t hold up well when cooked into dishes. Did you have any trouble with the “meat” falling apart? I usually roast them and set them aside to put on top of the dish when done. It sounds like yours worked out much better. Would you mind sharing the brand? Thanks for this delicious idea!

    • Mohana

      These hold together very well but it may because they are frozen and quite dry. This was a grocery store brand, Carrefour, but I bet if you found other frozen veggie meatballs you’d get a similar consistency?

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