Crowdfunding Courage, Confidence and Connection

I’ve made a lot of friends in Qatar the last ten years, and Carolin Zeitler is one of the other longtimers on the women-making-change scene. We first met when I presented at the How Women Work annual conference five or so years ago. That network has expanded into publications and workshops.

HWW is a touch point for women and men in Qatar’s professional community. Read more about her crowdfunding campaign to write a book about seven years of living in the Middle East. She shares the core of the project as a volume about Courage, Confidence, and Connection.

Hearing about Carolin’s latest project made me wonder who or what has made you courageous, confident, or connected?

It is a book about courage. Courage to stand up for what you believe in, for your values, for your freedom, for yourself and other people.

It’s a book about confidence. Confidence in your ability to make your vision become reality, to make a difference and confidence that you will not just survive but thrive, even when there seems to be very little ‘security’ available.

It’s a book about connection. Connection to that place of calm, of complete peace, of knowing, that keeps us sane and secure.

She believe that this book can benefit many people, give them a sense of “If she can do it, I can too”.

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